Season 2, Episode 2: The Path of Ethical Consumerism with Dr. Ellis Jones

I think it's about soft power. It's about the power of us as people. And when we look at these enormous institutions, the trouble with our political systems and the corporations that we may be up against, or how media is spiraling out of control, it looks like such a powerful and inordinate challenge. What we have to offer is so much softer. We have our voices and we have each other and we have our collective votes and I think it's what we should focus on. —Dr. Ellis Jones

In this episode I’m speaking with Dr. Ellis Jones, a sociologist and professor at College of the Holy Cross who focuses on social responsibility, global citizenship and everyday activism, all with an emphasis on how to turn environmental idealism into practical action. He has created and The Better World shopping guides and apps that focus on how to approach consumerism in a more environmentally conscious manner.

During our conversation, we explore how to hold power accountable, the path of reclaiming our collective voice in society and the move toward global citizenship–all with an eye on creating a more sustainable and environmentally just planet.

Better World Shopper


Better World Shopper

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