Season 3, Episode 5: Local Effort for Global Impact: Entrepreneurial Conservation with Mirali Shukla

I am well-versed in being uncomfortable. I've been the only person of color in so many rooms. I've been the only woman in so many rooms. I've been the only person being like, "well, how can we make this about conservation?" And I've gotten loads of eye rolls and people being like, "I don't know?" But, I think if you take it as all part of it, you're just able to do so much more. And when I feel like I can do something productive, I just go for it. All of it just comes from something that you're passionate about. And when you care so much about something, why not try to make a bigger impact or do what someone else isn't? —Mirali Shukla

Mirali Shukla is a bioethnologist, author and photographer with a focus on how local and indigenous communities are spearheading conservation projects around the globe.

During this episode, we discuss how her research and front line conservation projects explore the link between local communities and the natural environment, and how this relationship affects wildlife conservation, human rights and conflict resolution.

She also shares insights about her trailblazing journey to be the founder of multiple conservation organizations with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Episode links:

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