Season 2, Episode 6: Heartsong: Finding Your Purpose & Sharing Your Fire with Tanaya Winder

We all could be in the same room watching the same event, but we're all noticing different things. That's why it's important to share your voice and share your perspective. When it comes to arts and activism and advocacy, a lot of people get burned out from hearing the same kind of rhetoric about this is why you should care, or this is why it matters. I feel like art just helps tug at the heartstrings in a different way. --Tanaya Winder

Tanaya Winder is a poet, writer, artist and educator who was raised on the Southern Ute reservation in Ignacio, CO. She has taught writing courses at Stanford University, CUBoulder, and the University of New Mexico. Tanaya writes and teaches about love in all its forms, and advocates for youth & women’s empowerment, healing trauma through art, and cultivating mental wellness.

In this episode, Tanaya shares about her rich background and breadth of experience–including advocating for land preservation, working with youth, and forming a collective called Dream Warriors Management with fellow indigenous artists. Her actions show how it’s possible to harness the energy of the heart to serve and help others envision future growth, and we reflect on how artistic expression plays an important role in these endeavors.

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