Season 2, Episode 5: Expressing Our Earth Emotions and Cultivating Generation Symbiocene with Glenn Albrecht

We've moved largely through the industrial revolution, into a different phase of human cultural evolution, where the kind of world that we're living in has changed so dramatically that we don't have words to describe the feelings that we now have about it. —Glenn Albrecht

In this episode we hear from Glenn Albrecht, an environmental philosopher who was Professor of Sustainability at Murdoch University in Western Australia until he retired in 2014. He has written and lectured extensively about how to bring meaning to our relationship with the Earth through the use and cultivation of language.

We explore how Glenn has created powerful new words to help us process and make sense of our emotions regarding climate change. In spite of the uphill battles we face in regards to environmental destruction, Glenn remains optimistic. He speaks to this as he outlines a vision for humanity to enter a new era he calls the Symbiocene—one that is in greater alignment with the natural world—in order to safeguard biodiversity for future generations.

Episode Links:

Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World  by Glenn A Albrecht

The age of solastalgia by Glenn A Albrecht (article featuring impact of open-cut coal mining and images in the Upper Hunter region of NSW that we speak about during this episode)

TEDxSydney: Environment Change, Distress & Human Emotion Solastalgia