Season 2, Episode 4: Art for Animals’ Sake and Why You’re Never Too Late to the Party with Louis Masai

The point in which I've become an artist is when I can't just ignore the information I'm learning and I'm painting about and I have to take action in the real world. —Louis Masai

We first heard about artist Louis Masai during Season 1, Episode 4 of EarthRising when I interviewed Julia and Cheli of Conservation Optimism and their collaboration with him for a commission of 6 large scale murals of endangered species at ZSL London Zoo.  They highlighted his art when speaking of  the important role that art may play in shedding light on issues surrounding conservation.

In this episode, I explore the topic of art’s impact on conservation with Louis directly. He shares his journey as an artist and views about how art can motivate and inspire us to deepen our learning and be more engaged with animal rights and environmental justice issues.

I encourage you to check out Louis’s art referenced throughout the episode on his website or on Instagram.