Season 2, Episode 3: Go Together, Go Far: Combatting Wildlife Crime and How Women are Revolutionizing Anti-Poaching Efforts in Africa with Greta Francesca Iori

We need to be able to find a system that doesn't thrive off of inequality and exploitation, but one that is really truly created as just for humans—irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. And every other non-human living thing needs to be considered as well. We all need to be equal. In an ideal world, my vision would be that these conversations are happening at the highest level of decision-making. I always say, the work of conservation and wildlife crime is really work to just make the world a better place. —Greta Francesca Iori, Wildlife Crime Consultant

In this episode we’ll be hearing from Greta Francesca Iori, a wildlife crime and conservation adviser to various African Governments, International Organisations and NGOs. Greta is motivated by a deep love of nature stemming from her time spent outdoors from a young age with her family in Ethiopia. Her life goals include bringing an end to the illegal wildlife trade, resolving human-wildlife conflict, and encouraging more sustainable, just and inclusive conservation development models across the Horn of Africa.

Greta discusses her vision to move animal conservation and advocacy forward in Africa, including the importance of women being more actively involved at all levels of conservation and anti-poaching initiatives. She also shares advice from the heart if you’re motivated to take action for nature in your own life.

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