Season 1, Episode 8: The Journey Home: Returning to the Earth Through Real Food with Tomi Makanjuola, The Vegan Nigerian

I think what you feed yourself goes beyond the physical. So this is where it strays into the spiritual side of things for me. If you're on this journey of self love and you're making daily choices that better yourself, that better your health, that feeds your soul, then it absolutely matters what you put into your body. —Tomi Makanjuola

In this episode I’m speaking with Tomi Makanjuola, a culinary entrepreneur also known as The Vegan Nigerian. We contemplate the power of food and food choices in our everyday lives, and how food systems have a direct impact on the state of our planet and physical health on a personal and collective level.

Tomi also shares her thoughts on cooking as an art form and the importance of having sacred food rituals in our lives, and how our relationship to food can play a powerful role in healing our relationship to the Earth. Tomi also explains intersectionality and how it relates to our food choices.

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image credit: Buki Dan