Season 1, Episode 7: Empowering Hope with Tech Innovation on the Front Lines of Conservation with Megan Cromp and Daria Sheik of Key Conservation

Even small actions by a lot of individuals can make a significant difference in the world. And by empowering the hope inside of everybody, we can make that happen. —Megan Cromp

Key Conservation is currently developing a mobile app to drive positive impact for wildlife and nature by connecting people to the front lines of conservation. This will be carried out in real-time through the app by providing opportunities to offer skill sets, funding and in-person volunteering to small conservation organizations all over the world.

Founder Megan Cromp and Team Operations Lead Daria Sheik share their backgrounds as conservationists and what has gone into forming Key Conservation. We discuss teamwork and staying motivated in the face of obstacles, and connecting the dots between people and conservation initiatives to help save animals and ecosystems.


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Image credit: Buki Dan