Season 1, Episode 5: Songs of Power: Art as a Tool in Racial and Climate Activism with Jamie Laurie of Flobots

What is the core technology for today's movements when people are marching, when people are defending their communities from police violence, when people are envisioning a better world and calling for it publicly together? What is the song they can sing together and who is creating those songs? —Jamie Laurie, Emcee of Flobots

Jamie Laurie is Emcee for the alternative hip-hop band Flobots, and is a climate and racial justice activist. In this episode of EarthRising, we focus on the path of activism in society, and links between racial and climate justice.

Jamie shares his experience of being mentored by the late civil rights activist and theologian Dr. Vincent Harding, who was a speech writer to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He also reflects on the role spirituality has played in his own path in developing as a musician and activist. And, we discuss his core approach of using art as the main tool or technology to engage people in cultivating awareness around modern day social issues.

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image credit: Buki Dan