Season 1, Episode 10: What We Learned in Season One

This season's guests helped point the way to the possibility of gaining new insights into what can often times feel overwhelming, intangible and even mysterious: this desire in our lives to feel connected to something greater than ourselves, that may play out at the edge of our consciousness, or surface as an unspoken yearning of the heart.

In this wrap-up episode for season one of EarthRising, key themes and ideas are explored that have emerged from guest interviews. We have been hearing from inspired individuals who cultivate a sacred view of our Earth, including engaged activists, artists, conservationists, and spiritual thinkers.

By contemplating their actions, the goal is to better learn:
:: how to listen to the Earth,
:: how to be in relationship with the Earth more directly,
:: and how to recognize that we are a part of nature.

As interviews unfolded this season, an examination has been playing out on both an inner and an outer level. This episode reviews highlights from this journey and  reflects on listener feedback from around the globe.


image credit: Buki Dan