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EarthRising Season 1: A Podcast about Connecting to our Planet through the Arts, Spirituality, and Conservation

Just by connecting to the natural world, we may become advocates for our own lives. This is an empowering discovery.

Welcome to EarthRising! This podcast has been created to provide a vehicle for greater connection to our Earth through exploring the realms of the arts, spirituality, and conservation.

EarthRising will be an inner journey of the heart and an outer journey to connect with nature in her myriad forms, for those of us who want to feel a deeper sense of connection to the natural world on an individual and collective level. Show guests will include artists, authors, spiritual teachers, and guardians of the natural world. We will learn how these inspired categories of people are taking actions to connect with and benefit our planet.

By speaking to these categories of thinkers and activists, the intention is to learn:

  • how to listen to the Earth
  • how to be in relationship with her
  • how to recognize the interdependence at play of our place in the larger ecosystem
  • how to rouse our motivation to preserve what’s left and rise to the occasion of the extraordinary times we find ourselves in.


It is an honor to embark on this journey as your host and guide, as we seek out new learning and inspiration by exploring the ideas and actions of our guests as episodes unfold. I welcome and encourage your feedback and ideas as you listen; either by email, in the podcast reviews, or on social.