Season 1, Episode 4: Fostering Community with Conservation Optimism: A Global Movement for Nature and People with Cheli Cresswell Sinclair and Julia Migné

What has been tremendously inspiring to our whole team during during the last few months, as things globally have been changing for people pretty much everywhere, is that this community that we've already been fostering has been finding more and new ways to get involved in the fight for conservation. —Chelli Cresswell Sinclair

Conservation Optimism is a global community dedicated to sharing stories and resources to empower people from all backgrounds to make a positive impact for wildlife and nature. In this episode, I am speaking with Conservation Optimism CEO Cheli Creswell Cinclair and Program Coordinator Julia Migné. We discuss how Conservation Optimism organically evolved, and how language is a key element to creating constructive narrative frameworks for people to operate from to maintain an optimistic outlook in conservation. We also contemplate learning from the full range of conservation efforts being made.

Conservation Optimism’s mission is to bring together different sectors in society to work towards conservation solutions—including not only conservation organizations and scientists, but also people active in the arts, business and civil society. This is an inspiring conversation worth tuning in for!

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Image credit: Buki Dan