Our Place in the Cosmos: Poetry and Ecopsychology with Betty Roszak

What is humanity’s place in the cosmos, and how do artists, poets, and spiritual figures throughout the ages help to shed light on this subject? Their insights may help us to access our own intuition and understand our deeper connection to Earth.

The Earth is telling us what we need. The Earth is telling us things all the time. Every day, every morning, every night. And we need to listen deeply to what the earth is saying to us at this point, because it’s the fate of the Earth depends very much on what we as humans do with it. —Betty Roszak

Poet, writer, and ecopsychologist Betty Roszak has spent her life contemplating these topics, and she is one of the original thinkers who coined the term ecopsychology in the late 1960s. In this episode, she shares her insights and approach to a deeper understanding of our planet, and offers a heartfelt recitation of one of her poems.